About Christine

Hi and Welcome to my about me page! My name is Christine York and I am excited you found my blog!

I am a professional vacation and event cruise planner. I even have the certificate to prove it!!

My first experience traveling was when I was 18. My mom gave me a cruise for my graduation present.

I remember sitting across from the travel agent thinking WOW that looks like a fun job! I think I can do that! That’s just what I did. I went off to travel school and started working in a travel agency right away.

Over the years I have worked in many aspects of travel from corporate to group to leisure,  Destination Weddings and honeymoons.

Are you tired of seaching endless hours online just to be more confused?

I have extensive experience and can make the searching process so much quicker and pain free!

My other passion in life is positive thinking. Over the years I have attended many motivational events and heard very famous speakers like Zig Zigler, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Senior, Ron Ball, and many more. What they all have in common is Everything in your life depends on your Attitude!

You will find all kinds of info on this blog from which island you should visit, what cruise ship to choose and how you can stay positive and live your life passion.

Hope you enjoy!